Stains, Spots, and Spills, Oh My!

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In almost every carpet cleaning service call we make, customers have one or more stains, spots, or spills that need to be addressed, as you can see in the BEFORE images.

A true stain is a permanent alteration of the color of the carpet. Bleaching can also result in a permanent discoloration, because color is removed from the carpet fibers. The fact is, however, that not all discolorations are permanent. We generally refer to these non-permanent discolorations as spots or spills.

Collected grit and dirt, spilled food and drinks, flooding, leaks, and other sources of discoloration can mask or dull the carpet’s color, rather than actually altering it. Once appropriately cleaned, the carpet may return to its normal color.


Our highly qualified technicians are familiar with the chemistry involved with various spills or spots and understand which professional cleaning solutions work best. Some detergents that are great on one particular type of spot could actually permanently set another.

We apply the proper solution, gently agitate the area to ensure thorough coverage, and allow ample dwell time to break down stubborn substances. We rinse and repeat as necessary until the spot or spill disappears. In the case of permanent stains, we are often able to dramatically minimize the appearance of the stain. Then we do our deep cleaning of the entire carpet, as usual.

As you can see in the AFTER images, our stain, spot, and spill treatments really makes an incredible difference.


Quick attention to spots and spills can make the difference between spots easily removed and permanent stains. Visit our Caring For It page to download our free Carpet and Interior Textiles Care Guide, which includes spot and spill cleaning instructions, and view recommended products.

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